Medibins Mental Health Sackholder range from Wybone leads in innovation

The Medibins Mental Health Sackholder ranges has been developed and manufactured by leading British waste container manufacturers, Wybone.

To ensure a high level of safety for both patient and health service provider, Wybone worked closely with health organisations to make design improvements to the Metal Health Sackholders.

Waste bins in sensitive environments need to ensure they cater not only for function but also have added safety and security features.

They are manufacturer from galvanised steel and aerospace grade ABS plastic, ensuring they are not only durable but stylish in any clinical facility.

The Mental Health Sackholder has folded edges on the lid, opens with a foot pedal, has a completely covered chute system which prevents the contents of the bin been accessed from the outside. The bag inside the sackholder range can only be accessed by opening the front door which requires a key to access.

The units have a full length wall mount with height easily adjustable.

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